The Public Art Program in Redondo Beach serves to aesthetically enhance the community through the creation, acquisition and restoration of works of art that inspire residents and visitors and afford them an opportunity to appreciate works of art. The current collection of public art is available for viewing throughout the City.
Alta Vista Mural 2
Waves 566 px high
Bill and Bob Meistrell Memorial
9-11 Tribute MEmorial City Hall Plaza
Benches in Riviera Village
Alta Vista Mural
Empty Chair Memorial (privately owned)
Framed Mural Main Post Office (privately owned)
Gate Wave - Redondo Beach Transit Center
George Freeth Monument Pier
Harmony Works Bench
Havlena Bench
La Tete Mural (privately owned)
Mermaid Redondo Landing (privately owned)
Love My Bike Harbor Drive Welcome Plaza
La Tete Mural 2 (privately owned)
Leadership Bench
Children_s Library Main Mural
Mosaic Ground Panels - Esplanade 1
Mosaic Ground Panels - Esplanade 2
Mosaic Ground Panels - Esplanade 3
Mosaic Panel Esplanade Bollards - Crab
Mosaic Panel Esplanade Bollards - Fish
Mosaic Panel Esplanade Bollards - Starfish
Mosaic Panel Esplanade Bollards - Sunset
Mosaic Wells Fargo Bank (privately owned)
Mosaic Planter Alta Vista Park
Mural Bull Pen Restaurant (privately owned)
Mural Sealab (privately owned)
Murals Catalina Businesses (privately owned)
Ocean Sports Mosaics 2 (privately owned)
Ocean Sports Mosaics (privately owned)
Ocean Steps International Boardwalk
Pier Garage Mural 2
Pier Garage Mural 3
Pier Garage Mural 4
Pier Garage Mural 5
Pier Garage Mural 6
Pier Garage Mural
Sculpture North Brand Library
Sculpture Sails Horseshoe Pier
Stamped Concrete Horseshoe Pier
Steiglutz Bench
Stone Sculpture - Piere Garage Entrance
Tile Mosaics International Boardwalk
Veterans Memorial - Veterans Park
Wyland Mural - AES Redondo (privately owned)
Koi_Catalina @ Avenue I
Kauila_Torrance @Catalina
Boundaries- Prospect-190th
Sunset Sessions -Grant @Mackay
PopDot-Artesia - Aviation Way