Public Art Inventory

“Waves,” a new artwork by artist Gordon Huether, was commissioned by the City and is the first public art commission funded by the John Parsons Public Art Fund. Installed in July 2018, the 37’ x 15’ permanent, custom, large-scale aluminum sculpture adorns the exterior of the Performing Arts Center and distinguishes a major entry point of the City.  The City’s Public Art Program boasts an inventory of 30 works, and “Waves” is an achievement in the City’s efforts to inspire community through public art.

Gordon Huether’s “Waves” shares the dual inspirations of the physical properties of sound waves produced by live music performance and natural ocean waves and shifting tides. The work is fabricated with rippling concentric fins of brushed aluminum that rhythmically emanate from the center of the work, emerging sinuously and gracefully from the wall and undulating in depth, height and length.

Misha_Bruk_–_Misha_Bruk_Studios_Waves_3 - Copy"Waves" by Gordon Huether (photo: Misha Bruk Studios)

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